Pencil Drawing

Pencil Still Life

As another observation attempt, we use pencil instead of colours focusing on shape, outline, volume, and relationships of the objects.

Material we use: Soft pencil (6B), plastic eraser, hard paper

Objects we use: Still life

Class content: Observation + Creation

I encourage children to look and observe carefully by using my finger outlining the shape of each object, telling them “now it is going straight, or curve or side ways…”

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Term 3 2016

kids watercolour fish
little girl’s watercolour project

Our Art Class Term Course

Children aged 5-11 yrs learn to draw and paint using a variety of media and cover a new art topic every 3 weeks, looking at colour, shape, volume, light and shadow. They will create artworks using acrylics, watercolours, pencil and charcoal, collage as well as Chinese traditional ink.

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