Term 3 2016

kids watercolour fish
little girl’s watercolour project

Our Art Class Term Course

Children aged 5-11 yrs learn to draw and paint using a variety of media and cover a new art topic every 3 weeks, looking at colour, shape, volume, light and shadow. They will create artworks using acrylics, watercolours, pencil and charcoal, collage as well as Chinese traditional ink.

We will explore how to cooperate with different kind of media, how to create amazing effects by mixing colour, water and other materials.

We will learn about colour change due to the shape, volume, body of the objects, lights and environment impacts on the objects, encourage children learning to observe things, analyse informations, and translate into their own art language.

We also want to have our student try to develop an idea and execute it. We will help them when they need on their way to generating and making.

acrylic kid's art
4 yrs girl painting on canvas with acrylic

Term Plan For Age Group 5-7 (25.Jul.- 20.Sep. 2016)

Duration: 9 weeks.

First class 26.July, Last class, 20.Sep.

Time: Every Tuesday 3:50-4:35pm, 45min/class.

Goal of T1:

  • Children can learn about different kinds of painting, and understand the differences between them, e.g. water colour, ink painting, acrylic, collage, and sculpture.
  • Establish basic knowledge about the relationship between shape, volume, light and colour.
  • Encourage children to accomplish an art project from concept planning, making and finalising.

The term has three themes, each them takes 3 classes.

Theme 1: How to play with painting (first part)

We will use these three classes to learn about the different effects of watercolour, ink, and acrylic. Each type of painting requires its own materials and we use the brush and paints in very different ways. Each one will use the material and painting style of that class to create their own painting at class.

Theme 2: Shape and Body (part one)

We will use some elementary geometric knowledge in this period of time. Kids will learn about how did light and shape change the colours, and how can use this knowledge in our painting. And we will also use clay sculpture practice to consolidate this knowledge.

I hope children can practise a logic thinking in their sensational creation.

Theme 3: My first art book

The last theme, we will concentrate on a project: an art book.

Each child will be given one class to do their planning, what is the book about, what is the story, how many pages, what style it is going to be, and make a draft.

Then, they will take two classes to finish the book. I will encourage them to express their idea as clear as possible and complete the book. The most important point of this theme is to experience the whole process of creation which requires creativity, logical thinking, and execution.