Let’s Make Candle Glaciers

This amazing candle glacier art piece is done by 16 Member teams from ArtIsLiving.

We can burn candles, we can melt them into liquid wax, we can shape them, change colours, change scent, there are so many things we can do with it. Why should we just trap them in regular shapes?

That is the reason I started this “Glacier” project. 

Let’s make art out of candles!

  • a custom acrylic glass container 1400mmX400mmX60mm 
  • 27kg white candles
  • 10 pieces wax dye
  • various tools

We learn about the glaciers, what influence climate change make to them,  and how bad it could be when they melt.Also, we discuss about the shape, colour, volume of glaciers. How to create a scene with candles.

Every team started with cutting the cylinder candles into the shape of icebergs and glaciers. Each individual teams created different shapes which is so much fun to look at.

We put the glaciers into the container, arranging in a natural way. Then the deep blue liquid wax just being poured into it. It is such an abnormal experience for everyone to watch the pure blue liquid flowing  around the glaciers and finally covered the bottom part of them.

When it is finished, the final work is beyond everyone’s imagination.  What values to this project is the unique experience we had during the process. It is a team work, no one could predict what the final work will look like at the end, not even me.

Creating an art work together like this will be a unforgettable memory for our little artists. This is the what I want to do, help them experience something special, let them think, let them feel, building up their mental treasure. Life is art and everyone of us is an artist. Just look what we did with daily white candles!

Oh, yes, we will find a day to light the glacier up, let the candle burn and melt because in the real world, the same thing is happening any day any hour any minute.

Art Is Living.

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