Meeting Jackson Pollock

Meeting Jackson Pollock

As our end of year project, I decide to have our girls go wild and feel how master making their masterpieces.

Jackson Pollock is one of the best and most well known abstract artists in the world. The painting style invented by him is “dripping”. With this painting style, our children can feel how body movement becoming part of the creation, and how abstract painting expressing emotions.


I prepared paints in three levels:

  • lower brightness colours, mix with water, proportion 1:1
  • higher brightness colours, mix with water, proportion 2:1
  • high saturation primary colours, no water dilution.


Our painting process lasted about 3 hours. We apply the level 1 paints first,  shaking big brushes to create unexpected colour traces. Then, we use paints level 2 with paper cups (holes at bottom) which is the “real tripping” method. Let the body movement do the work. At last, we use primary colour just by squashing.

Well, we need to stop from these three steps in order to get the little artists feed, and allow paints to dry.

DSC_9775_调整大小 DSC_9779_调整大小 DSC_9782_调整大小 DSC_9842_调整大小 DSC_9844_调整大小

The final piece is just stunning!


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