Class Schedule Term4 2017

There are Four Units in the last term of the year.

Instead of making a lot of paintings, I would like to introduce more materials to inspire our children to be even more creative.

Unit 1: Explore the Texture

This unit will last two classes. We will learn about texture by using conventional art media, e.g. paints, charcoals, pastels, and unconventional medias, e.g. cupboard, lids, plastic. Kids will explore the character of materials and create their own texture combinations.

Unit 2: The Distance

This unit will also last tow classes. We will focus on the brightness and darkness of colours, and how to create distance in painting. We will also talk about perspective in this unit.

Unit 3: Light and Shadow

This is the most exciting unit to me. We will have an experience from 2D, to 3D then to 4D. Introducing the concept of 4D in visual art might be difficult, but everything builds up step by step. We will work on a solid project for this subject using two or three classes.

Unit 4: Observation Drawing

OD is one of the most important practises to develop their capability of observation. Observation is the foundation of art in that we will need two classes.

Since the last week will be in Christmas season, we will of course work on something Xmas.

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