Term 2 2017 Class Schedule

Goal of Term II

  • Better understanding in different painting medias, and learn more techniques.
  • Strengthen the understanding of the three dimensional objects.
  • Upgrade the ability of details’ observation and expression.
  • Connect feelings and paintings, jump out of comfort zone.

Term Course Arrangements:

We will be more focusing on each them this term, therefore we will practice one subject for two weeks. The general arrangements are:

  1. Watercolour – practice the techniques we learned from last term, and dig into the layering character of watercolour painting.
  2. Observation Drawing – Continue our OD classes with acrylic, kids will accomplish one bigger or two smaller size paintings.
  3. Modelling – we will use multi materials in modelling this term, paper, clay, sticks, etc. 
  4. Try abstract painting – encourage children to express their feelings such as happy, sad, fear, or disappointing, surprise with colours or shapes, and try to jump out from their comfort zone.

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