Class Schedule Term4 2017

There are Four Units in the last term of the year.

Instead of making a lot of paintings, I would like to introduce more materials to inspire our children to be even more creative.

Unit 1: Explore the Texture

This unit will last two classes. We will learn about texture by using conventional art media, e.g. paints, charcoals, pastels, and unconventional medias, e.g. cupboard, lids, plastic. Kids will explore the character of materials and create their own texture combinations.

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Term 1 2017 Class Schedule

Class Curriculum Schedule for Term 1 2017

Tuesday Class


Girls from Tuesday class already have a lot understanding of how to express their ideas with many different kinds of medias. This term we will expand their understanding of more sophisticated subjects, refining their skills and encourage them to reach a higher level of completion.


By the end of this term, I am expecting each girl from this class will

  • have a basic understanding of distance in painting;
  • better control with brushes;
  • can create their own colour template of 24-36 different colours by mixing by themselves.

Project Outline

Saturday Class


We will encourage girls from Saturday class to try many different materials and help them to foster a spirit of curiosity and exploring. The most important thing in our studio is not to create something pretty, is to create something you enjoy. We will concentrate on open ending activities. 


By the end of this term, I am expecting each girl from this class will

  • Children can learn about different kinds of painting, and understand the differences between them, e.g. water colour, ink painting, acrylic, collage, and sculpture.
  • Establish basic knowledge about the relationship between shape, volume, light and colour.
  • Encourage children to accomplish an art project from concept planning, making and finalising.

Project Outline

Term 3 2016

kids watercolour fish
little girl’s watercolour project

Our Art Class Term Course

Children aged 5-11 yrs learn to draw and paint using a variety of media and cover a new art topic every 3 weeks, looking at colour, shape, volume, light and shadow. They will create artworks using acrylics, watercolours, pencil and charcoal, collage as well as Chinese traditional ink.

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